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About the YBC / Youth Bowl Canada's National Bowling Program

​For more than 50 years, Youth Bowling Canada (YBC) has brought the fun, excitement and enjoyment of league bowling to hundreds of thousands of Canadian kids, youth and teens ranging in age from 3 to 19.

The YBC is Canada's National Youth Bowling Program and welcomes all kids and teens, regardless of ability. There are two separate YBC streams for 5 pin and tenpin bowling (currently there are not any tenpin programs around Ottawa.

For information regarding the YBC across Canada, please visit the National YBC Youth Bowling website.


About the YBC / Youth Bowl Canada in Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley

YBC Youth Bowl Canada programs are offered in 8 bowling centres on the Ontario side of the National Capital Region, including 2 locations in Ottawa (Merivale and Orleans), as well as Arnprior, Carleton Place, Kemptville, Renfrew, Deep River and Smiths Falls.

We welcome all families with youth from ages 3 to 19. Many of our bowling centres offer family plans. 


For information on how to join the YBC in Ottawa or the Ottawa Valley, please click here. Live in Gatineau? Check out (en français) YBC Québec's homepage for 7 more YBC programs.

About the YBC / Youth Bowling Canada Southern Ontario Program

The Ottawa Valley is part of the YBC's youth bowling program in Southern Ontario.  Due to Ontario's vast size and population, it is divided into two separate areas: Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario.

Southern Ontario is divided into 12 separate zones. Ottawa, and the surrounding communities in the Ottawa Valley are designated as Zone X.

For more information regarding YBC Youth Bowling in Southern Ontario, please visit Youth Bowl Ontario.

About 5 Pin Bowling

Five-pin bowling is a bowling variant which is played in Canada, where many bowling alleys offer it, either alone or in combination with ten-pin bowling. It was devised around 1909 by Thomas F. Ryan in Toronto, Ontario, at his Toronto Bowling Club, in response to customers who complained that the ten-pin game was too strenuous. He cut five tenpins down to about 75% of their size, and used hand-sized hard rubber balls, thus inventing the original version of five-pin bowling.
History of the YBC

The Bowling Proprietors' Association established the Youth Bowling Council in 1963 as a National bowling program for youth.  For more information on Youth Bowling's history, visit these links:

5 Pin Bowling's

100th Anniversary

2009 marked the 100th anniversary since the invention of 5 pin bowling by Thomas (Tommy) F. Ryan. To mark the occassion, Mr. Terry Burns of Yellowknife set off on a cross-Canada journey visiting 100 bowling alleys in 100 days. Along the way, Terry began his journey in Newfoundland and stopped by Ottawa's very own Walkley Bowling Centre before continuing his journey west. To recount Terry's full journey visit the Canadian 5 Pin Bowlers Association website and check out the 'archives' section.
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